Manga – “Devil & Devil”

Title: Devil & Devil
Author: Miyoshi Yuuki
Genre: Modern Epic Fantasy
Length: 15 Volumes
Pro: Story is humorous and enjoyable with a good
Con: Main female love interest falls under the
overused “powerless, troublesome girl” stereotype which is
annoyingly more common in imported Japanese fiction.
Notes: Feels like a poor imitation of Angel
Sanctuary but is good if you don’t compare them.
I’ve heard good things about Devil and Devil. I’ve heard some
people call it the next Great Teacher Onizuka. So, I finally got
around to reading it myself. While I wouldn’t consider it anything
like GTO (For one thing, it’s an epic, I will admit that it’s worth
a read. The story is definitely funny. Essentially, an angel and a
demon are fighting for the 100th time and end up falling to earth
and ending up stuck in human bodies. Not only that, the angel gets
the delinquent’s body and the demon get’s the wimpy nerd’s body.
They do find ways to power up over time and I think it feels like
YuYu Hakusho and looks like YuYu Hakusho mixed with 3×3 Eyes. I do
enjoy that. It does have some recycled plot elements but so does
almost everything these days. I did however, greatly dislike
Nanami’s role, always being forced into a passive “be protected”
role in battles and always meddling when at inopportune times.
Heck, She’s probably the epitome of the unwillingly useless female
“problem”. After compensating for my shoujo preference and my
dislike of sexist biases, I do have to say that this manga is good
though. The ending was nice.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Manga – “Devil & Devil” by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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