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It still surprises me how many people don’t know about Wikipedia. Whether it be research for your math/english/history paper, or looking up some obscure Star Trek/Star Wars/Comic Book/Anime/Manga term, they have it all. In case you didn’t know, the wiki … Continue reading

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And now for something comple… err… a little different. (A.K.A. My Favorite Webcomics)

This post has been moved to a more accessible home. Please visit the GoodWebcomics page on my website.

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Best Viewed Without Internet Explorer

I suppose the title should really read “Best Viewed with a Standards Compliant Browser” but too many people don’t know how broken IE really is. Anyway, as you may or may not have noticed, this site doesn’t look very good … Continue reading

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Why you should dislike Nintendo

I have run across this several times, people try to remake an old Nintendo game and what does Nintendo threaten to do? Sue! And I’m not talking about ones that people can still buy. I’m talking ones that a remake … Continue reading

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New batch of links, some Google Bombing, feminism, and Walmart

Have you ever heard of Google Bombing? Neither had I. (Well, it sounded familiar) It turns out that Google Bombing means to legitimately exploit the fact that google treats links to pages as popularity votes for those pages. So, I’ve … Continue reading

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Why it’s embarassing to live north of America

BBC – Transatlantic divisions run deep Nice to see that somebody in the press publicized the things that worry me. As a Canadian I’m very thankful for the Internet.

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Web Wandering – Cosplay Pun

I always love people who share my love of puns. Here’s a cosplayer who went as an imperial walker.

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