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The Role of Anger

Now another note that’s been sitting in my bin of writing advice drafts for a while, that should really be on this blog instead. When you’re writing a character and they get angry, it’s very important to understand the root … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Changeling

Changeling by GoWithTheFlo20 This is an interesting case. It’s a Harry Potter – Star Trek: Deep Space 9 crossover that’s quite early in its arc, and has a lot of potential, but it’s also a bit of an “OC named … Continue reading

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Warning about a new comment spam scam

This morning, I found a message in my comment moderation queue which I thought I should warn people about. Like most comment spam these days, it listed a genuine-looking e-mail address at a big-name provider, but instead of trying to … Continue reading

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Nicer Terminal Commands For Flatpak-Installed Applications

If you’re like me, you probably like to launch your GUI applications from the terminal at least occasionally… or from scripts… or from a quick launcher which doesn’t search .desktop names because you find it annoying to have your intent … Continue reading

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RAR Test Files

Quick question. How many people realized that it’s legally impossible to create a RAR file without using WinRAR, RAR for Linux, etc., all of which are shareware? At first, that might seem like no big deal, given that we have … Continue reading

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Stripping Emoji from File And Folder Names

There’s an annoying little problem that happens sometimes when you save stuff off the web, which the popularity of emoji has brought into the spotlight: Some tools still assume Unicode code points will fit within 16 bits and break with … Continue reading

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Food For Thought

I was making food and my mind got to wandering. “Broccoli… sounds like broccoly… same construction as shiny or smelly… what does it mean to have the characteristic of broccol?” “Cucumber… OK, If the vegetable is a “cucumb-er”, what does … Continue reading

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