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Starting Your Story

For over a decade now, no thanks to various set-backs, I’ve been taking notes for a book on how to write fiction (and planning a tool for organizing them). You might ask why, when there are already so many other … Continue reading

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The Role of Anger

Now another note that’s been sitting in my bin of writing advice drafts for a while, that should really be on this blog instead. When you’re writing a character and they get angry, it’s very important to understand the root … Continue reading

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On Dehumanization In Fiction

I have to admit it… I have a lot of drafts kicking around in my notes which most people would consider to be perfectly good blog posts but which, for me, were just flashes of inspiration that I wrote down … Continue reading

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Another Tangent: Degrees of Connectedness

NOTE: Given the amount of time and effort I’ve put into finding good example links for this, I decided it would be acceptable to let it double as this week’s fanfic roundup. While I was reading The Futile Facade (the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Consistent Tone: A Brief Tangent

While I was working on my latest fanfic review, I found myself going off on a massive tangent about one of the most common ways I see fanfiction authors ruining stories: Realizing “late” that the main character “has it too … Continue reading

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Sci-fi and Fantasy: Why They Differ and Why You’d Blend Them

I’ve been wanting to post more regularly, so I decided share some of the insights for the book on plotting out stories that’s been on my TODO list for a while. (Embarassingly, I’ve actually wanted to do that for a … Continue reading

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What Disney Has Forgotten About Classic Donald Duck

Who hasn’t seen at least one of the classic Donald Duck cartoons from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s? You know, the ones where, in the later cartoons, the theme says “Who never never starts an argument?” Sadly, it seems that … Continue reading

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