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General Announcements

As anyone who’s used WordPress extensively knows, you can postdate additions. (“Don’t show until…”) I won’t do that. If you see it, that means it’s as fresh as possible. That means I may write in bursts (as many as a … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – “No Matter What”

Title: No Matter What URL: Author: KittenKagome Source: InuYasha with a Ranma 1/2-inspired concept Rating: 6/6 Type: Semi-crossover (Ranma-inspired permanent gender swap in the IY world) Length: One-shot I ran across this little gem while browsing and I … Continue reading

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Link – Insightful Blog of Jan/05

I ran across a very interesting blog today. It’s called Pagan Savage and it’s author doesn’t exactly like christians as evidenced by his recent post, more proof that christians are morons… although if you’re not homophobic then please read the … Continue reading

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Music – Blind Guardian – A Night at the Opera

About a month ago, I started listening to Blind Guardian and I have to recommend their CD “A Night at the Opera”. One of my main complaints about music in general is the preponderance of CDs which only have one … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – “Inu 1/2″

Title: Inu 1/2 URL: Author: manekochan Source: InuYasha with a piece from Ranma 1/2 Rating: 5.5/6 Type: Semi-crossover (Jusenkyo water in the InuYasha world) Length: 15 Chapters (Story Arc 1 complete. Arc 2 pending.) I normally don’t read much … Continue reading

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Manga – “Devil & Devil”

Title: Devil & Devil Author: Miyoshi Yuuki Genre: Modern Epic Fantasy Length: 15 Volumes Pro: Story is humorous and enjoyable with a good ending Con: Main female love interest falls under the overused “powerless, troublesome girl” stereotype which is annoyingly … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – “Otaku Four – Skysabre’s Choice”

Title: Otaku Four – Skysabre’s Choice URL: Author: Jared Ornstead Source: Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, and more Rating: 5.5/6 Type: Self-Insert Length: 20 Chapters (Incomplete) If you read this without reading the reviews (and hopefully the actual fanfics) that … Continue reading

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