Using OpenCV to automatically skip recurring post-roll ads

TL;DR: Install OpenCV-Python, download this script and follow the instructions in the script’s --help output.

While I like The Young Turks, they’ve recently started adding the same two or three carnival barker-esque appeals for subscribers to the end of all of their videos. That gets very annoying very quickly.

Since I don’t believe in rewarding bad behaviour (like forcing avid viewers to see the same couple of annoying ads a million times), I refuse to let them nag me into being a member. However, I still need something to occupy my mind while doing boring tasks, so I needed a solution.

As such, here’s a Python OpenCV script which will find the time offset of the first last occurrence of a frame in a video file (eg. a screenshot of the TYT title card that appears between the content and the ad) in a video file and then write an MPV EDL (Edit Decision List) file which will play only the portion of the video prior to the matched frame.

UPDATE: Hint: Put this script, your videos, and one or more screenshots (to be matched in a fallback chain, sorted by name) into the same folder and you can just double-click it.

I’ve also done the preliminary research to fuzzy-match the audio of those two or three naggy bits in case they decide to try to render this ineffective by moving the title card to the very end… partly because it would also give a more accurate cut point if used with the current clips.

(As is, I tend to lose the last 500 to 1500 milliseconds of actual content due to variations in how how they cut the pieces of each clip together… but, even if I lost an entire clip every now and then, it’d be an acceptable sacrifice to avoid those annoying nags. Current clips are cut together such that stopping at the last frame of the end-title card removes the nag perfectly.)

CC BY-SA 4.0 Using OpenCV to automatically skip recurring post-roll ads by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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