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Fixing Hotplug for the ATI Remote Wonder II on X11

EDIT: It turns out hotplug wasn’t the problem. Something else is resetting the X11 keymap without it involving the device getting reset… I’m done with this nonsense. I’ll temporarily set a user cronjob to force it back to what it’s … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Taylor Varga

Taylor Varga by mp3.1415player Length: 2,058,592 wordsStatus: OngoingCrossover: Worm + Luna Varga (but with the assumption nobody but the author has seen Luna Varga) Today’s fic is a doozy and not just for its eye-opening length. Like the stories by … Continue reading

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Vorke V1 Plus Thermal/Fan Fix for Linux

If you have a Vorke V1 Plus that doesn’t want to drive its fan under Linux, or which doesn’t want to shut off the fan after the UEFI turns it on at boot, here’s what worked for me: As for … Continue reading

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How to remove pcANYWHERE32 v8.0 from Windows XP

…so you naively thought that continuing past the Windows XP compatibility warning and installing pcANYWHERE 8.0 would give you a working pcANYWHERE client but no server? …and you now have a machine that just boots into a black 640×480 screen … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – That Sounds Like Work

How does a completed Worm crackfic based around Taylor Hebert triggering with superpowered laziness sound? What about a fic with bits like this? “You let my brother hijack your body… so you don’t have to walk?” said Cherie with an … Continue reading

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Quick tip for RetroArch’s DOSBox-Pure core

If you’re trying to set up DOS games like Jetpack in something like RetroPie or Batocera, you might run into a problem where pressing the S key (“start new game” in Jetpack) doesn’t do anything, whether through a physical keyboard … Continue reading

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Fixing Applications Which Resist Feeling Platform-Native

NOTE: I will update this post as I run into more application frameworks which need a little encouragement to feel native on my KDE desktop. While a lot of the technologies covered are strongly associated with Linux, they do still … Continue reading

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