Der Untergang, Bizarro-style

You may be familiar with the “Hitler rants” meme which produced such parodies as “Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live“.  However, what you probably haven’t noticed is that, thanks to a user named hitlerrantsparodies, a continuity has started to coalesce in which Hitler’s greatest enemy is apparently not the Allies, but his prankster brother-in-law Fegelein who continually talks Günsche into informing Hitler of stupid, pointless things until finally Fegelein steals Hitler’s pizza takeout and the others decide to make Fegelein leader.

Here’s my interpretation of said Bizarro world’s timeline:

  1. Hitler is asked “Why so serious?” (where we see that Fegelein hasn’t yet distracted Hitler to the point where he essentially forgets about the Allies)
  2. Hitler is informed he is Fegelein (which apparently takes place before Hitler catches on to the source of Günsche’s stupid reports)
  3. Hitler is informed Fegelein has locked him into his room (where Hitler starts to realize that Fegelein is the source of all his problems)
  4. Hitler is informed he is Hitler (…but he still hasn’t realized that Günsche is in on it)
  5. Hitler is informed he is sitting down (…and now he has)
  6. Hitler’s glued to his chair (Fegelein’s twisted sense of humor responds to the previous incident,  we see how typical this kind of thing is, and Hitler’s patience wears thin)
  7. — Fegelein leaks the parodies which arrived on the web first —
  8. Hitler is informed Fegelein is missing (when Günsche tells Hitler that Fegelein’s ass-kicking for leaking the early parodies will have to wait)
  9. Various Pranks: Helium, Fegelein’s Death, Mass Cloning, etc.
  10. Hitler is losing his voice (from ranting about Fegelein’s antics all the time)
  11. Hitler is informed his pizza will arrive late
  12. Hitler Phones Fegelein
  13. Hitler is informed Fegelein is now the leader

All I can say is that it made my day evening.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Der Untergang, Bizarro-style by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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