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Automated Testing for Open Watcom C/C++ and DOS

UPDATE 2022-10-21: Added update on 86Box’s porting status One of the hobby projects I’ve been poking at again is written for DOS using Open Watcom C/C++ (v2 fork), and, being as averse to drudgework (and spoiled by modern tooling) as … Continue reading

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Retrocomputing Category Announcement

While working on an upcoming post (a run-down of C unit test frameworks that are easy to use under Open Watcom C/C++), I realized that I’m getting enough of these retrocomputing resource posts that mentioning them from each other is … Continue reading

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Retrocomputing Advice: Linksys ProConnect KVM2KIT

If you have a retrocomputing hobby, and you don’t have a lot of room (like most of us), it can be difficult to leave your stuff set up so you can enjoy it when you need to take a break. … Continue reading

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Embedding the DPMI Extender for your Open Watcom C/C++ EXE (And Related Knowledge)

NOTE: Scroll to the appendix at the bottom If you’re using DJGPP, Free Pascal, or Free Basic. They use a different and incompatible DPMI host. Sooner or later, everyone who plays around with 32-bit DOS programming using Open Watcom C/C++ … Continue reading

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Resources for Reverse-Engineering 16-bit Applications

See Also: My list of tips and resources for writing new DOS and Win16 apps While offering some advice, I got a little caught up in the research I was doing, so here’s a list of the resources I found … Continue reading

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A Blueprint for Creating FLOSS-Safe Replacements for BWCC.DLL Stock Icons

TL;DR: Here’s a detailed description that should be sufficient to design knock-offs of the most iconic of Borland OWL’s stock icons for use Windows 3.1 hobby projects intended to be compiled with non-Borland compilers. In the name making my planned … Continue reading

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Free Installer Creators for All Eras

UPDATE 2021-12-19: Added Installer and InstallerLG for AmigaOS and derivatives Since my list of installer-construction resources has grown so huge, I thought I’d move it out of my list of DOS/Win16 programming resources into its own post. After all, it … Continue reading

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