Fanfiction – Taylor Inverse

Taylor Inverse by Racke

Crossover: Worm/Slayers
Length: 4,497
Status: Oneshot

…and another Worm one. This time, a funny little Slayers crossover crackfic.

Since it’s just a oneshot, there’s not much to say about it. The gist is that Taylor is the reincarnation of Lina Inverse and, after the incident at Winslow, she assumes she needs to go on the run and winds up wandering around Brockton Bay, frustrating heroes and villains alike by not acting like a cape should.

What do I mean by that? She acts like Lina Inverse, but with a baseball bat and a wariness of inviting Mazoku in if she tries anything less drastic than a spell sourced from L-sama. Hero? Villain? Pshaw. She’s just wandering around, beating up any villains she encounters effectively enough that they assume she’s some kind of combat Thinker, and then blowing the money at the nearest good restaurant.

Here’s Coil’s opinion on it:

Coil very emphatically didn’t like Taylor Hebert.

The girl was a blind-spot in his plans, seeming to be somehow partially immune to his powers, which didn’t make any sense unless he started to try figuring out exactly how his powers worked.

He could split a time-line between two options, for however long he wanted, and then pick the time-line that benefited him the most. In other words, as long as there was an opportunity to win, he could be expected to grasp it. As long as he only needed to pick between two options.

However, any time that he gave an order directly related to Taylor Hebert, one of his time-lines would destabilize. Sometimes it would be the one where he told his mercenaries to stand down, other times it would be the one where he told them to attack.

There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which one collapsed, and it was driving him spare.

The fact that the girl had somehow recruited the Thinker that Coil had plans for, and was now squandering the potential asset by meandering around the city with a baseball-bat? That was just salt in the wound.

I won’t spoil the punchline at the end when she’s invited to an endbringer fight, but I will say it’s funny.

5 out of 5. Everything you want in a oneshot that’s of the “crackfic that takes itself seriously” variety.

…Just don’t post reviews on the fic. I recognize the author from another fic I read, they made it very clear in their author’s notes that they don’t want constructive criticism, and I don’t see the point in posting commentary at all if it’s just vapid “This was great! Moar!” stuff that a bot could post.

I’m honestly surprised they’re on rather than AO3, since their attitude seems more in line with AO3’s “don’t critique unless requested” culture and AO3 has an upvote-like “Give Kudos” button for “This was great! Moar!”.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Fanfiction – Taylor Inverse by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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