Gender-Bending Index Beta 2 Released

After far too long, I finally found time to make some of the planned improvements to my gender-bending index.

Beta 2 brings the following improvements:

  • The detail expanders on the tables are now at least as comprehensive as the original “static HTML page” version of the site.
  • The “Other Sites” list has returned, complete with icon-bullets denoting site types and a handy legend.
  • I filled in author/artist/director names for almost every entry. (The remaining ones are a bit tricky, so they’ll have to wait)
  • At least half of the data has been reworked to be per-character, per-incident-type rather than per-story. When searching is implemented, this will be very important.

The major remaining features left un-implemented are:

  • Filtering and searching (You still have to make do with category grouping and adjustable sort orders)
  • Spoiler-hiding (Occasionally, there’s a big plot twist that’s relevant to the nature of the gender-bending. This will require much thought because I need to decide how to classify something that seems to be X but is revealed to be Y.
  • An interface for submitting new data and reporting errors directly rather than having to visit my usual contact form.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Gender-Bending Index Beta 2 Released by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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2 Responses to Gender-Bending Index Beta 2 Released

  1. Heathyr says:

    Good evening, Stephen. I stumbled across your Gender Bending index and was quite delighted with your additions to the community.

    If you are at all interested, I would be very pleased to exchange links with you.

    Dark Heathyr

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