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Fanfiction – The Other

The Other by JoeHundredaire Length: 9 Chapters, Ongoing Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rating: 3.5/5 Ok, Xander gets a different costume at Ethan Rayne’s shop. That’s fairly cliché. Physical traits linger after the whole thing is done. Also common. Xander … Continue reading

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Real Jackalopes – Shope Papillomavirus

Pictures of real jackalopes: Rabbits infected with the Shope papillomavirus (Dead link) Shope Papillomavirus @ Wikipedia Quite the plausible explanation for the origin of the Jackalope myth, wouldn’t you say?

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MoinMoin as a plain old CMS

Just a quick summary of the most expedient way to use MoinMoin as a content management sysyem, as I currently used to do for www.ssokolow.com. This is primarily about the parts which are less useful for Wikis, so visit the … Continue reading

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Interesting Tech Blogs

I finally got around to switching my main site (www.ssokolow.com) over to a decent web host (the new look still isn’t ready, but I decided to make a little change anyway) and, in the process, I added some ads to … Continue reading

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