Fanfiction – Ranma and The Doctor

Ranma and The Doctor by Turbanator

Length: 9 Chapters, Ongoing
Sources: Ranma ½, Doctor Who
Rating: 4/5

Today’s special is “Ranma and The Doctor” and if you guessed that the crossover is Ranma ½ – Doctor Who, then you get a cookie. (some restrictions may apply, see store for details)

The basic plot is that the Open Water Kettle got destroyed before Ranma’s curse could be unlocked and then Gosunkugi found something bad enough for The Doctor to have to drop by. A little Nerima chaos later and we find Ranma travelling with The Doctor and, though they don’t know it, Ryoga and Tatewaki Kuno dragged along for the ride.

I haven’t actually watched Doctor Who, but, given what I know about Ranma stories, I think the story feels like a Doctor Who story with Ranma elements injected… mainly because it has no qualms about sacrificing faceless characters to drive home the seriousness of a threat. Obviously, the story has little in the way of humor but it provides a lot of interesting character interaction between Ryoga and Kuno and between Ranma and The Doctor. I haven’t noticed any grammatical or spelling mistakes so far.

Ironically, I find myself enjoying the parts which follow Ryoga and Kuno more than anything else…especially Ryoga. (I usually prefer Ranma-centric stuff) For example, when the TARDIS pulls them to New New York in the far future, Ryoga ends up rich from selling his wallet’s contents to a museum, and then spends 10% of that wealth on a state-of-the-art pocket UPS (Universal Positioning System) with an AI who ends up being more a companion and friend than a tool.

Oh, and if it helps convince you to read this, I found it through a C2 list focused on good Ranma fiction.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Fanfiction – Ranma and The Doctor by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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