Fanfiction – Redheads

Redheads by Robert ‘Kenko’ Haynie

Length: 3 Chapters, Incomplete
Sources: Ranma ½, Slayers
Rating: 5/5

How many readers remember “Equal Halves“, the somewhat sidestory-ish sequel to “Genma’s Daughter“? Now how many of you don’t know about “Redheads”, the somewhat sidestory-ish sequel to “Girl Days“?

“Redheads” starts with a post-Girl Days Ranma trying and failing to get out of “going on a quest”. The result? Ranma and Akane in the Slayers world, travelling with Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev.

Now those of you who have read “Girl Days” know what you’re in for. For those who don’t, all I can say is that, like Monty Python films, Robert Haynie’s stories have to be seen to be believed. They’re laugh-out-loud funny and it’s widely agreed that he’s the king of funny Ranma ½ fanfiction.

As for the readability, I didn’t see any grammatical problems and the only spelling mistake was one “teh”… made all the more impressive by the fact that it’s in the rec.arts.anime.creative archive rather than some easily-updated location like

CC BY-SA 4.0 Fanfiction – Redheads by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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2 Responses to Fanfiction – Redheads

  1. anss123 says:

    Oy I remember Girl Days. Kenko’s Girl days is one of the few fics that manages to have characters break down in laughing fits while keeping it amusing.

    Now for redheads…

    Ahh, the good old .gz format. This is truly one of the old fics. I know IE can be cajoled into opening .gz files but if I can’t be bothered so it’s Winrar and Notepad for me.


    Meh. I’ve read it before and even 8 years is not enough to make it fresh to me. I recall not being overtly fond of this fic. I had just read through Girl Days and perhaps a bit overloaded on Kenko style fics. His writing is good, though, very good. Almost up there with the best Ranma fics of today.

    Certainly worth checking out.

  2. It had been a while since I read Girl Days when I read Redheads, so you may be right.

    As for .gz, I run Linux, so I’m using either Firefox or Konqueror. (Sort of an uncle to Apple’s Safari) I hadn’t considered that some people might use browsers which don’t just transparently decompress RAAC-archived fics.

    Also, just in case you hadn’t considered it, 7-zip provides a nice free alternative to paying for WinRAR, finding a crack, or tolerating the nag screen. (I follow a “usage constitutes endorsement” policy and refuse to endorse non-free software)

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