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Fanfiction – A Quick Overview of The Whole Pureblood Pretense Series

In the wake of the final chapter of murkybluematter’s The Futile Facade, I found myself stuck dwelling on the huge cliffhanger it ends on. Enough so, that I’ve just finished a marathon re-read of the series to wear out my … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Loopholes

I decided that this story is so different from the usual Zero no Tsukaima/Familiar of Zero fare that it deserves a full review of its own. Loopholes by DschingisKhan The basic plot is that Louise summons Tabitha from across the … Continue reading

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Platformer Design Trends: Then and Now

I started playing Celeste a couple of days ago and, while I was playing it, I started tallying up some of the ways that the average modern platformer, retro-styled or not, differs from its counterparts in the 80s and 90s. … Continue reading

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Automated Testing for Open Watcom C/C++ and DOS

UPDATE 2021-05-29: Added section for Snapshot Testing One of the hobby projects I’ve been poking at again is written for DOS using Open Watcom C/C++ (v2 fork), and, being as averse to drudgework (and spoiled by modern tooling) as I … Continue reading

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Retrocomputing Category Announcement

While working on an upcoming post (a run-down of C unit test frameworks that are easy to use under Open Watcom C/C++), I realized that I’m getting enough of these retrocomputing resource posts that mentioning them from each other is … Continue reading

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A Major QtExceptHook Update

For anyone who uses QtExceptHook, my port of the old script to PyQt5, I have an announcement I think you’ll appreciate… I just made a major update. If you don’t use QtExceptHook, it’s a single Python file you can … Continue reading

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Making a 2-button Trackball Useful on Modern Linux

I was the kind of nerdy kid who read computer catalogues for fun before his tenth birthday, and one of the nerdy things I always wanted was a Logitech Trackman Marble… an early optical trackball with a distinctive patterned ball … Continue reading

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