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On The Unix-Haters Handbook

A few months ago, I wrote a forum post explaining the context in which The Unix-Haters Handbook existed since, seen through the lens of today’s Linux, it does come across as somewhat ridiculous. While Eric S. Raymond did write a … Continue reading

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Comparative Lovecraft and “The Colour Out of Space”

Lately, I’ve been trying to clear out my backlog of purchased audiobooks while I get other things done… and one of the things I bought was a Groupees bundle of HorrorBabble H.P. Lovecraft readings. So far, The Colour Out of … Continue reading

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A Verbal Middle Finger to WordPress

I just lost a fair bit of work from WordPress “helping” me, so I need to vent. Think for a moment. What is the #1 thing that should define a good text editing experience… something so fundamental that you take … Continue reading

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