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A Balanced Exploration of Arguments For and Against Ape-like Cryptids

I was watching some old documentaries on YouTube and a particular one on Bigfoot made some points I hadn’t considered in my conclusion that it was just a mix of myth and hoax. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t become … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Being Harry Potter

Kirinin really has a knack for writing fanfiction that has a special spark to it. I first recognized that when I was looking for Ranma ½ fanfiction and read The Pit. This time, it’s a Harry Potter – Draco Malfoy … Continue reading

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Resources for Reverse-Engineering 16-bit Applications

See Also: My list of tips and resources for writing new DOS and Win16 apps While offering some advice, I got a little caught up in the research I was doing, so here’s a list of the resources I found … Continue reading

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