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Working around serde_json bug #464 (serializing pre-epoch mtimes)

You may not know this, but Rust’s serde serialization/deserialization library can panic if you happen to feed it a file modification time prior to the UNIX epoch. I discovered this when it killed an application I was writing and, in … Continue reading

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Why you should ALWAYS practice defensive programming

Take a look at this Rust snippet for a moment and tell me whether you can find the reason it’s not safe to run. After all, Rust is a language that makes comfortable safety its claim to fame, so it … Continue reading

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How to Hide Firefox’s New “Saved to Library” Confirmation Popup

…and another quick userChrome.css hack, since I wasn’t able to use the Browser Toolbox to figure it out and had to be told on Bugzilla… Removing the “Saved to Library!” confirmation popup that now appears when you add a bookmark. … Continue reading

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How to Remove The Thumbnail in Firefox’s Bookmark Popup

I run Firefox Developer Edition and, a couple of days ago, they announced a rather head-scratching feature which I received today: In the popup from the bookmarking star, they’ve added a thumbnail for whatever page is visible, right there below … Continue reading

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Novel – Nightfall

Since I was re-reading it anyway, I thought I might as well review one of my old sci-fi favourites: Nightfall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg. Originally written in 1941 as a novelette and one of Asimov’s earlier works and … Continue reading

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