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Fanfiction – Effects and Side Effects

While I was working on my previous review, I kept thinking of how it compares to Effects and Side Effects by Pheonix Dawn. Given that I recently re-read it, and the story I’d planned for this week didn’t produce a … Continue reading

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Designing a Better Rating Widget

After writing my previous blog post about calculating an average rating properly, it occurred to me that I’ve never really explained my views on rating systems and their relative merits. Now, first, let me say that I won’t be getting … Continue reading

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Calculating and Sorting by Average Ratings: A Literature Review for the Lazy

TL;DR: Read Bayesian ranking of items with up and downvotes or 5 star ratings by Jules Jacobs. I’ll get back to you on how to tune the priors and utility values. Years ago, when I first had the idea that … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Harry Potter & the Curse’s Cure

How about a Harry Potter fic that, despite being a blend of various clichés, was still interesting enough for me to re-read it? Harry Potter & the Curse’s Cure by Dragon-Raptor is a harem fic where Hermione and two other … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Delenda Est

Aaand back to reviewing things I liked enough to re-read. Today’s review is Delenda Est by Lord Silvere and Claihm Solais, a Harry Potter fic that’s probably the only Harry-Bellatrix story which held my interest beyond the plot synopsis. It’s … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Stupid Portal

Continuing on last week’s theme of decent Buffy the Vampire Slayer fics that I happened to be reading, this is another crossover incorporating Star Trek. Stupid Portal by elementalv However, this time, Buffy and Spike wind up on Picard’s Enterprise … Continue reading

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Sneaking Around The Urge to Procrastinate

About four years ago, I wrote about an epiphany I had while learning Prolog. Well, now I’m learning Free Pascal as a more typesafe alternative to C for programming my DOS-based retro-gaming PC and a bit of supplementary insight came … Continue reading

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