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Fanfiction – “Harry Potter, the accidental ‘evil'” fics

This week, something that just barely qualifies as a list: Two fics where Harry Potter gets mistaken for a demon or other non-human horror to some degree or other. (Sadly, no other such fics were noteworthy enough for me to … Continue reading

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Useful Info On Win16-Targeting Compilers… And a List of DOS/Win16 Resources

Updated 2023-03-14: Added link to guide for writing control panel applets in Delphi. See Also: Resources for Reverse-Engineering 16-bit Applications for DOS and Win16 debuggers and the rest of the Retrocomputing category for other useful resources like installer builders and unit … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – The Pureblood Pretense

UPDATE: It’s much more tilted toward praise, but I’ve written a review for volumes 1 through 4. This time, I’ve changed things up as a side effect of finding a new way to slack off: This review is based on … Continue reading

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The Importance of Consistent Tone: A Brief Tangent

While I was working on my latest fanfic review, I found myself going off on a massive tangent about one of the most common ways I see fanfiction authors ruining stories: Realizing “late” that the main character “has it too … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Divine Blood

I’ve been giving too much effusive praise recently, so let’s try something different. Divine Blood by Thrythlind is an interesting case, because it does so many things wrong, yet I re-read it despite that. (This being my third time reading … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – The Petriculture Cycle

I’ve had another extremely busy week, so I’ve decided to try another approach to delivering a quality recommendation without having to re-read an entire story to make sure I’ve got things right… a story where the details are so spoiler-y … Continue reading

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Disabling Controller Paks in Mupen64Plus Without a GUI

If you have a Retrode and a copy of Chameleon Twist and you tried to play your dumped game in Mupen64Plus, you may have gotten stuck at this screen on startup. Depending on how your copy of Mupen64Plus is configured, … Continue reading

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