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Rust: Looping on a member variable without mutably borrowing self

The Story Late last night, I stumbled upon a rather clever hack in one of my Rust projects. I’d been working on an iterator which implements grapheme-aware CamelCase word-splitting when I decided to do some cleanup and ran cargo clippy … Continue reading

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Recommended Battlestar Galactica “Earth-contact” fics

Last Updated: 2019-09-13 (Added “The Phoenix and the Wolverine”) I’ve always enjoyed first-contact fics, because they’re a good way to stir up groups of people and see how they react. No plan survives contact with the enemy and no worldview … Continue reading

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Tidying up Amazon wishlist printouts

Whenever I visit the used games store, I like to bring a printout of my wishlist, since it’s easier to work with than a tiny screen. However, Amazon, for reasons that escape me, decided that print versions would somehow … Continue reading

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