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Simple Alarm Clock Script For Linux

TL;DR: Install python-dateutil, pytimeparse, and this script, then see the –help output for more details. For a while, I’d been using the at command to schedule alarms when I needed to wake up in the morning, but I found that … Continue reading

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What Disney Has Forgotten About Classic Donald Duck

Who hasn’t seen at least one of the classic Donald Duck cartoons from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s? You know, the ones where, in the later cartoons, the theme says “Who never never starts an argument?” Sadly, it seems that … Continue reading

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A more formal way to think about validity of input data

I’ve begun to port one of my hobby projects from Python to Rust and, while setting up the clap argument parser, I found myself having to bind to the access(2) libc function myself. Yes, it exposes you to a race … Continue reading

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On Making Steam Machines Successful

TL;DR: Provide a summarized representation of system requirements, make it easier to decide between different models, partner with YouTube and/or NetFlix to make the device more valuable, spin the cost of a Steam Machine as an investment in cheaper per-game … Continue reading

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