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A little tool for command-line playlist building

For the last few years, I’ve been amassing a collection of little scripts I use every day to build playlists, both for Audacious and for MPlayer. About a week ago, I realized that they’d started to duplicate each others’ functionality … Continue reading

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Trifles Make Perfection

TL;DR: When you’re doing something creative, look for details which, with only minimal change, could greatly broaden your work’s appeal and staying power. (Also includes examples.) Every now and then, I run across a creative work which frustrates me, not … Continue reading

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Making Coveralls work with PyPy and skip Python 2.5 on Travis-CI

I have a couple of projects that get tested on Travis-CI and I just discovered Coveralls, a tool which integrates with it to provide a code coverage badge to go alongside your build status badge. (and is also free for … Continue reading

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