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Sekirei Fics Which Fight/Fix Canon

Last Updated 2020-09-10: Added an entry for Angry, Angry Wizards. Since my last post on Familiar of Zero fics, it occurred to me that there is another series that’s not to my taste but which still manages to make interesting … Continue reading

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Worthwhile Familiars of Zero

Updated 2020-12-12: Added “Loopholes” Of all the stories I’ve encountered, Familiar of Zero (or “Zero no Tsukaima” as I still think of it) is an interesting case. I’ve never really seen the appeal of the anime and, while I haven’t … Continue reading

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Constant Vigilance: Not Just For Fantasy Characters

Arthur C. Clarke famously said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and, but for our knowledge that it’s not, most people would already say information technology fits that criteria. The problem is that we computer wizards, being … Continue reading

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