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Questions to ask when marketing software and services

After writing what must be my third or fourth e-mail offering advice to an online service whose marketing completely missed the mark with me, I started to notice that I was touching on the same set of points. Again and … Continue reading

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How to use things like Fat-Free Framework with “php -S”

Having grown very used commands like these, nobody was more eager than I when PHP 5.4 introduced its own no-setup development server. python runserver (Django) paster serve –reload (Pylons) nodemon (NodeMon for Node.js) jekyll –auto –server (Jekyll, used by … Continue reading

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A Quick “Contact Me” Fix

Apparently, the CGI script powering my mail form slipped through the cracks when I was setting up health monitoring for this site and had been giving error 500 for an unknown period of time. It’s now fixed and I’ve rewritten … Continue reading

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