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GitHub vs. BitBucket: Shifting Value Propositions

It used to be that GitHub vs. BitBucket was a no-brainer. GitHub was sleek, featureful, popular, and supported git, the godsend. BitBucket was clunky, buggy, comparatively little-known, and required you to use that hg thing with the annoying workflow. However, … Continue reading

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Open Source for MBAs: A Primer

If you’re neither a scientist, nor active in the open-source community, it can be difficult to properly understand why people write open-source software. Why would people just give away the products of so much hard work? I fully understand why … Continue reading

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Controlling OpenPandora LEDs in Python

For those who don’t know me, I don’t like cell phones for a variety of reasons… but I do want a pocket computer, so I picked up what is essentially a pocket laptop made of cellphone parts named the OpenPandora. … Continue reading

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