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Cleaner Firefox Context Menus Using Stylish

Since the Firefox Menu Editor extension doesn’t get along with the new HTML5 context menu support in Firefox 8 and up (it prevents site-added entries from appearing with no option to allow them), I thought I’d whip up a few … Continue reading

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Getting your way with setxkbmap

If you’ve ever poked around in the KDE or GNOME control panels, you know that the X11 keyboard system is very customizable and, as the KDE keyboard controls clearly show, that it’s all done using a little command named setxkbmap. … Continue reading

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Activism and Human Psychology

Given the recent focus on harmful attempts at law like SOPA and ACTA, I’ve spent more than the usual amount of time, lately, thinking on why it’s so hard to build up a stable, strong political movement and I’ve narrowed … Continue reading

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Personal Status Update and Some Extra Modules for Porteus

TL;DR: Porteus modules here Roughly two weeks ago, my main PC died and, since I didn’t feel like re-ripping 2.5TiB of movies and music, I spent two weeks of playing Towers of Hanoi with my media library to squeeze it … Continue reading

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Ultra-lightweight Network File Moving for Linux/UNIX

A few days ago, my main machine went kaput and I needed a fast way to copy several hundred gigs of data to a slow, old 2Ghz Celeron. Thus began my search for the lightest file-copying solution I could find. … Continue reading

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