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What good is a browser that’s not being used?

About a week ago, I read about how Adobe is doing an opt-out bundling deal, including Chrome with Flash and Adobe Reader X. What struck me as odd was how there seemed to be no business case for whomever was … Continue reading

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URxvt: Pros and cons

After getting fed up with Yakuake‘s bloat, Yeahconsole‘s broken embedding, and Tilda‘s flickering, broken scrollbar, and broken URL handling, I decided to try URxvt, since it has a Perl extension that’ll turn it into a slide-down terminal without being embedded … Continue reading

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Research: Letting clicks through the transparent part of the GitHub ribbon

While I was working to de-uglify one of my GitHub pages (no time to prettify yet), I noticed that, the more fluid I made the layout, the more likely it was that the “Fork me” ribbon would cover up my … Continue reading

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VFFA and FicFan Quote Randomizer Renovated

Throughout the years, I’ve started many projects at times when I didn’t really have time to do them well. Lately, I’ve been working on cleaning them up and this week, it was’s turn. The placeholder page is still up, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Venus Equilateral

Note: Venus Equilateral is more correctly a series of novelettes which may be bound in one or more volumes. The edition which I’m reading and reviewing is the second printing of The Complete Venus Equilateral with introduction by Arthur C. … Continue reading

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