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50+ Naruto Authors Who Did Something Well

I’m not really sure why, but this weekend, I ended up not only noticing a author’s poll for picking the top 5 Naruto authors from a list of 50, but taking the time to examine all 50 choices. Suffice … Continue reading

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Tuning TiddlyWiki for Polished Prints

This morning, in typical distracted fashion, I got the urge to start experimenting with using CSS to style a website for printing and decided to use the copy of TiddlyWiki I use for personal organization as the test bed. I … Continue reading

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8 PCs In A Bunker: Ownership, Respect, and Principles in the Steam Era

TL;DR: DRM is you paying to be mistrusted and quietly disrespected; Piracy is an implicit endorsement of someone whose behaviour you disagree with. (UPDATE 2016-01-14: If you pirate, It also makes it easier for them to blame you for their … Continue reading

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How to perform a one-off migration into Django ORM

While working on a project I haven’t yet made public, I found myself needing to migrate data into a Django project without being able to use the simple, common “Use inspectdb, then migrate to the new form with South” approach … Continue reading

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Hurricane Electric IPv6, m0n0wall, and Dynamic IPs

After years of wanting it, I finally got around to setting up an IPv6 tunnel. (My brothers’ Flash plugins weren’t too pleased for some reason, but I’ll re-enable IPv6 on their machines later) I quickly discovered that there was one … Continue reading

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