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A Tip For “Unmet Dependencies” in Ubuntu

Just finished fixing some “unmet dependencies” that had removed some programs on my mother’s computer. Interestingly, it wasn’t corruption like the Google results suspected. Well… not on our end. I ended up finding an interesting solution. Install aptitude. Instead of … Continue reading

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G15/LCDProc Hotplug

Another belated blog entry. This one for a little hack I did to get G15Daemon and LCDProc resetting nicely when, for whatever reason, I have to temporarily unplug my Logitech G15 keyboard. If I ever find myself back on KDE … Continue reading

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Modernizing XTerm’s Paste

If  you’ve ever tried to alter XTerm’s key/mouse bindings, you’ve probably noticed that the documentation is cryptic, pretty much only found in the manpage, and not supplemented by anything you’re likely to find on Google. So, one day, when I … Continue reading

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A Brief List of Ways to Make Xinerama and Games Get Along

As none of you certainly know, my system has a very odd video setup: Because I hate bad window management misplacing things when the resolution changes, I’ve used xorg.conf to lock my desktop at 2560×1024 Because I’m using nVidia TwinView, … Continue reading

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