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My First Impression of Google Wave

Well, I finally got an invite to Google Wave. I haven’t had much time to play around with it yet, but my first impression is that it could potentially be just the thing I need for collaborative story planning… once … Continue reading

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Gender-Bending Index Beta 2 Released

After far too long, I finally found time to make some of the planned improvements to my gender-bending index. Beta 2 brings the following improvements: The detail expanders on the tables are now at least as comprehensive as the original … Continue reading

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LCDProc and the PCIDEA 20×4 LCD display

A couple of weeks ago, I got it into my head that the death of Blinkenlights was a bad thing. My primary PC already has a little LCD on the keyboard (I got a deal on a first-generation Logitech G15 … Continue reading

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