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BetterExplained.com This is one of those sites that everyone should take a look at. As the title would suggest, it’s got explanations of various sorts. Some math, some computer programming, and a few other things too. I found it through … Continue reading

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Humor – Crackpot Sites And Parodies

BadAstronomy.com – Repeat after me: asteroid 2007 TU24 is no danger to Earth Time Cube Time Cube @ Wikipedia Nintendo’s Portable Simultaneous 4-player GameCube Nintendo’s Harmonic Simultaneous 4-player GameCube Thyme Cube Slime Cube @ Uncyclopedia John C. Dvorak – Don’t … Continue reading

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Humor – So You Want To Learn Japanese

So You Want To Learn Japanese I ran across this hilarious joke article a year or two ago but forgot to blog about it. It’s primarily focused on people who are interested in learning Japanese, but you’ll get a laugh … Continue reading

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A Break From The Norm

I’ve decided to break from the “one review and one non-review per day, alternating” pattern for the forseeable future. It’s making it difficult for me to get my coursework in on time. As a result, you’ll probably see a lot … Continue reading

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Why StGIT?

If you’ve read my previous posts on the git revision control system, you know that I like it very much. (It’s almost the best thing since sliced bread 😛 ) However, there is one add-on for it which I could … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Ranma and The Doctor

Ranma and The Doctor by Turbanator Length: 9 Chapters, Ongoing Sources: Ranma ½, Doctor Who Rating: 4/5 Today’s special is “Ranma and The Doctor” and if you guessed that the crossover is Ranma ½ – Doctor Who, then you get … Continue reading

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