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Dyson Yarn-Ball Habitat

One of the interesting ideas I first ran across in amateur fiction was the idea of weaving a bunch of Niven-style Ringworlds together to produce something with more surface area than the sci-fi interpretation of a Dyson Sphere (a hollow … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Snape’s Worst Nightmare

Snape’s Worst Nightmare by Draco664 Length: 7 Chapters, Complete Sources: Harry Potter Rating: 5/5 Feeling like a post-canon story? Well, this isn’t HBP-compliant (I usually avoid anything where a favored character has died. Too depressing.), but it’s definitely a worthwhile … Continue reading

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More Portal Fun

Just a couple of quick links I ran across today: Using the Portal Gun in Half-Life 2 and friends Papercraft: Make Your Own Companion Cube Weighted Companion Cube Wallpapers Update: …and a related XKCD comic.

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