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Wikipedia vs. Webcomics

For those who haven’t heard, it seems that Wikipedia has decided that webcomics aren’t an important enough part of culture to be in their encyclopedia. As I strongly disagree, I have saved one article that hasn’t been deleted yet and … Continue reading

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Konqueror with Bookmarklets

Konqueror with Bookmarklets If you’re a Konqueror user and a power user or geekier, then you’ve probably noticed, as have I, that bookmarklets (javascript bookmarks, for the buzzword-deficient) don’t work. You’ve probably also wondered “What the heck is that Minitools … Continue reading

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Comic – Gold Digger

First, for those who got here through the category system, some people consider Gold Digger to be “American Manga” and I tend to agree. Now, on with the post. It’s an epic. It’s a comedy. It’s silly. It’s awe-inspiring. It’s … Continue reading

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Anime – Tenshi na Konamaiki

For those who are unaware, I originally gained an interest in anime, manga, and fanfiction because Ranma ½ was a gender-bending story. At the time, I was obsessed with the inherent possibilities for character interaction, character development, and humor. (I … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Sexual Endeavours

Sexual Endeavours by Ichinohei Hitomi Anyone who reads a lot of Ranma and Sailor Moon fanfiction will agree that there are very few Ranma “fukufics” where Ranma becomes a magical girl voluntarily. In fact, most people will point to only … Continue reading

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A Plea For Standards, Sanity, and Openness

Please Use Standards, Sanity, and Open Formats I finally got around to starting my own (much more generalized) equivalent to various “MS Word is not a document interchange format” rants I’ve run across over the years. Give it a look. … Continue reading

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SDL and TwinView

Anyone who has ever used an SDL application on an X11-based GUI with nVidia TwinView (most Linux users with an nVidia video card and two monitors) has probably been bitten by this one once or twice… With nVidia TwinView, fullscreen … Continue reading

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