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Fanfiction – Wyvern

Wyvern by ack1308 Length: 128,724 wordsStatus: Ongoing …and here’s that Worm fic I mentioned I’d be reviewing soon when I did my feature for ack1308. In it, Taylor is a Changer with a Hulk-esque trigger she needs to learn to … Continue reading

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Noise-Reduction Tips For People Who Have Trouble Ignoring Ambient Sounds

If you have sensory processing issues, it can be difficult to get people to understand how much ambient noise weighs on your attention and stresses you out… since I’ve put a lot of work into making my environment quieter and … Continue reading

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Fanfiction Author Feature – ack1308

Remember that time I decided to write a post about dogbertcarrol because they just wrote too many good stories to go through them individually? Well, I decided to do that again. Just as nonjon and Rorschach’s Blot were so prolific … Continue reading

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Starting Your Story

For over a decade now, no thanks to various set-backs, I’ve been taking notes for a book on how to write fiction (and planning a tool for organizing them). You might ask why, when there are already so many other … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – Taylor Inverse

Taylor Inverse by Racke Crossover: Worm/SlayersLength: 4,497Status: Oneshot …and another Worm one. This time, a funny little Slayers crossover crackfic. Since it’s just a oneshot, there’s not much to say about it. The gist is that Taylor is the reincarnation … Continue reading

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The Out-of-Touch Autism-Spectrum Shut-in Social Survival Guide For People Who Are Paranoid About People, Parties, And Other P Words

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I tend to panic when I badly misjudge how something I said will be taken and then fail to recover. I recently learned that this is apparently called Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. and I … Continue reading

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Fanfiction – A Wand for Skitter

A Wand for Skitter by ShayneT Crossover: Worm/Harry PotterLength: 359,078Status: Complete Continuing on the Worm crossover kick I seem to be on, how about an “adult Taylor Hebert reborn in the body of an 11-year-old muggleborn” story that is unusually … Continue reading

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