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A Python programmer’s first impression of CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is a simple, clean, fast language which compiles to JavaScript, either at build time, with a caching framework plugin on the server, or at runtime in the browser. The syntax looks like a cross between Python and Haskell1 and, … Continue reading

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GQView Collections on the Framebuffer

So there I was, waiting for some nVidia drivers to compile so I could get back into X11, flipping through images in fbi, when I realized I was sick and tired of fragile, irritating, one-liners to pipe lists of images … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning Behind The XDG basedir config/data split

For the longest time, I wasn’t entirely sure why the XDG base directory specification split non-cache data into config and data. I knew there must be a difference which made it a useful thing to do, but I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Casual Sandboxing for Wine

For anyone who, like me, uses a variety of applications on Wine, it soon becomes obvious that Wine seems to trust Windows applications a little too much. Little or no support for automatically removing .desktop files created by a Windows … Continue reading

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Minecraft + xkcd + Python = …

Just a little gag module to implement “import creeper” [1] [2]. Now you know what I do when I’ve got a moment with nothing better to do. 😛

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Making Tk applications a bit less ugly

Ever had that one application you found too useful to replace, but it looked like a refugee from 1989? Chances are the application is written using either Motif or Tk and, while I can’t help you poor souls with in-house … Continue reading

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A Tip For “Unmet Dependencies” in Ubuntu

Just finished fixing some “unmet dependencies” that had removed some programs on my mother’s computer. Interestingly, it wasn’t corruption like the Google results suspected. Well… not on our end. I ended up finding an interesting solution. Install aptitude. Instead of … Continue reading

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