Fanfiction – Sexual Endeavours

Sexual Endeavours by Ichinohei Hitomi

Anyone who reads a lot of Ranma and Sailor Moon fanfiction will agree that there are very few Ranma “fukufics” where Ranma becomes a magical girl voluntarily. In fact, most people will point to only three really good ones:

  1. The Best of Times by Ozzallos (Where Ranma infiltrates the senshi using a tailored costume, the Gekkaja and Kinjakan, and his skils in order to learn more about Sailor Pluto, the woman who is responsible for his never having a moment’s peace)
  2. Relatively Absent by Togashi Gaijin (Where Ranma becomes the new Sailor Pluto in exchange for not dying in the collapse of Mount Horai and finds that the numerous job perks (eventual curse control, teleporting, effortless dimensional pocket clothing storage, etc.) probably make up for the embarassment after all)
  3. PARAGON by Kenko (Where Ranma accepts the mantle of a non-cutesy magical girl known as the paragon in exchange for control of his curse)

Now, what would you say if I told you that I’ve found a fourth, where Ranma voluntarily uses his own skills and a sexplay costume to mimic magical girl transformations and powers “until she can get some real ones”, without it seeming stupid? Think I’m crazy yet? Maybe I am, but that doesn’t make the fic any less excellent.

It’s rare to find a fic good enough to seamlessly permute one thing into another. It’s even more rare to find a fic which uses such a funny concept.

First, the fic starts out fairly innocently with Ranma mistaking reality for a dream because the prior day’s events lead to Nerima’s first “normal” day in all the time Ranma was there. (no Shampoo, sedate Ukyo, sedate Akane, no Kunos) He immediately cuts loose, scaring everybody who was fooled by his “I’m only a genius when it comes to Martial Arts” act. It gets to the point where Akane and Nabiki are convinced he must be a clone with the real Ranma having been kidnapped.

After School, Nodoka drops by and decides to test Ranma’s aversion to his female form. Ranma, thinking it’s still a dream, partly because of how Nodoka decided to test him, ends up acting out the female lead’s part in an RPG he’s working on as a Juku school group project. During their shopping trip, Nodoka takes Ranma to a sex toy shop, and Ranma ends up deciding to also purchase an “outfit”.

Upon Ranma’s return, Ryoga (who arrived at the dojo in the meantime) decides that the effeminate Ranma must mean he wandered into an alternate dimension. He plays along in order to avoid arousing suspicion.

The next morning, Ranma realizes it isn’t a dream, but after thinking back over everyone’s behaviour the day before, comes to the conclusion that “she” is the only one left unaffected by some mass mind-control spell, and that trying to become a magical girl is the best bet for stopping it.

Meanwhile, the girls are conversing and decide that Ranma has snapped, possibly as a delayed reaction from having to kill Saffron, the wedding fiasco, the loss of the nannichuan cask, the constant martial arts challenges, and having the constant pressure of a lose-lose honor-agreement quagmire.

Of course, it’s at this point that a crime lord decides that, since “super powers” can’t possibly exist, Nerima is the perfect place to start expanding his empire. 😛 (As a side-note, I should point out that Nuku-Nuku’s existence was mentioned in passing by Cologne)

From that point on, things just keep slipping. The only other fic I can think of that employs a similar transformation is Otaku Three by Jared Ornstead where his well-written self-insert, Skysaber, coerces Evangelion into a sentai series.

Trust me when I say that this story is one big hilarious cascade of misunderstandings and assumptions. I rate it 5.5/6. (For those who aren’t familar with my rating system, 6/6 requires that I re-read the fic at least once)

CC BY-SA 4.0 Fanfiction – Sexual Endeavours by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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